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Ah yes, another day, another blog. I’ve toyed with the idea of creating this small corner (or a long string of binary code) of the internet for a while for a few reasons, and have been deterred for a few reasons. By way of introduction, I’m going to list those out for you:

Enjoy these wildly ridiculous photos of me with lemons because MY BLOG HAS LEMONS IN THE TITLE GUYS. In case you didn’t put that together already.

Pros for starting yet another blog:

Pro No. 1: I like to write, I’ve got shit I want to talk about, and it will serve as a weird means by which I can hold myself accountable for getting that shit out of my head and onto virtual paper. Because I paid a total of 70 quid for this template and hosting platform. So chop-chop, Antje, let’s hop to it.

Pro No. 2: Equally, I hope it will provide other people in the world with some kind of feeling that they’re not alone if they have or had similar thoughts, feelings, fears, or experiences that I have or had.

Pro No. 3: I love fashion but I’m not sure I love how I approach it, particularly as an environmentalist and climate scientist. I want to investigate and deconstruct these nexuses and hopefully buy less but better shit.

I’m a weirdo, what else can I say?!
Top: Asos
Necklace: Theodora Warre
Lemon: Aldi

Cons for starting yet another blog:

Con No. 1: Blogging is like podcasting, who doesn’t have one?

Con No. 2: Oh look, another privileged white woman who wants to talk about her ~life challenges~. Truly ground-breaking.

Con No. 3: I am fucking awkward when being photographed. Can you even have a blog with tangential fashion leanings if you feel like an asshole having your picture taken? E.g. having to constantly ask other people to take pictures of you because you think you’re hot shit?

Con No. 4: Am I a narcissist?

Con No. 5: Jesus Christ, I’m an egomaniac.

Con No. 6: Oh God, *everyone* is going to judge me and disown me for being an egomaniac.

There you have it, an approximation of the daily internal battles with which I wage with myself. Clearly, the pros outweighed the cons and, lo and behold, Blog. (Most of that has to do with me trying to be more confident in the worth of my experiences and personhood – I should probably do a whole separate post on this).  Now that that’s settled, what the heck do I actually want to do with it?

Well, I imagine that this blog will be an iterative and ever-changing beast, but at the moment I want to talk about four main things:

Life (ha): in this category, I shall dump all of the various strands of thought from fashion, to travel, to health, to millennial angst, AND my ongoing development of political thought. So, fair warning, if governance talk bothers you (I totally get it if that’s the case), then maybe avoid those posts!

Lemons (ha-ha): What do you do when life throws tough shit at you. Indeed, the urge to start this blog was somewhat morbidly inspired by my dad’s death. I’m by no means the only 20-something to lose a parent, but it has, unsurprisingly and unoriginally, given me a lot to think about and, in certain ways, changed how I live my life. I’d like more room to talk about the hard stuff.

Sustainability: I know, I know, this seems super random (or maybe not given the recent bend towards sustainable fashion talk). But I’ve studied environmental change for six years and I’m still a pretty shit environmentalist. I’d also like the chance to connect with and learn from other people who are interested in this stuff, and I want to do my part to discuss how I’m trying to implement changes in my own life.

With that said, thanks for stopping by and, with any luck, sticking around for the journey!

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